The Fitness Community Egypt
Our Mission is to Provide impactful support to people by providing them with the scientific knowledge and practical experience so that they can achieve their goals in health, nutrition, sports and fitness.

Company Founders are Three Friends that have been working in the Fitness field for more than 15 years. They have been leading many organizations to reach great success and desired targets.



Amin Mohamed

Amin Mohamed

Founder & Education director
Physical education college

PhD, candidate sports movement
Triple jump Arab champion
Certified fitness trainer
Specialist sports conditioning
Specialist sports nutrition
13- year experience in fitness field

Ahmed El Amin

Ahmed El Amin

Founder & CEO
Physical education college

PhD, sports movement science
Certified personal trainer
Sports nutrition specialist
Fitness therapy specialist
Fitness management consultant
17-year experience in fitness field

Mohamed Haggag

Mohamed Haggag

Founder & Fitness director
Physical education college

Certified fitness trainer
Fitness therapy specialist
Specialist sports conditioning
CrossFit coach L1
Master instructor KBC, VITL Stroops, MOSSA

Lessmills bodycombat
Boxcercise advanced instructor
World jumping instructor
14-year experience in fitness field



ATP providing online nutrition and fitness program using the scientific, effective and healthy designed programs to make people reach their goal in safe way either for people who want to have better life style or for competitor athletes to enhance their performance

ATP providing plans also for kids and young athletes because its always the most important period to build your child base

With full support and communication all the subscription period

ATP provide supplementation programs (not steroid cycles)


1 Month = 600EGP

2 Month = 1000EGP



Aims to help people achieve their fitness goals with best results based on scientifically designed programs according to individual differences, needs and goals.


1 Month = 1200EGP

2 Month = 2200EGP



Newton Academy

newton academy will be providing courses and workshops for fitness industry helping them to update their knowledge and reach their goals we are willing to provide ” real knowledge ” depending on the founders theoretical and practical experience in the field for many years

all lecturers and courses will be in Arabic

Newton academy provides 

Fitness consulting service

To help fitness facility in all process to build up their fitness project like

Fitness conditioning school

To improve athlete’s performance in any specific sports through specialized programs to reach their maximum potential

Providing monthly report about all weak and strength points and action plan

Use the latest training methods and tools to reach the top performance goals

Regular fitness tests to measure fitness components like strength, speed, agility, balance, coordination, accuracy, endurance, reaction time .. ETC

Functional movement screen test to identify imbalances in mobility and stability


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